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CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center Receives Official Certification from UNICEF


(11/21/2017, Xi’an) – CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center announced today that its breastfeeding room has been officially certified by the “10m2 of love” campaign, a project jointly launched by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the National Center for Women and Children’s Health, CDC (NCWCH) . CityOn.Xi’an marks the first shopping center in northwestern China that has received the certification.

Launched in 2013, the “10m2 of love” campaign calls for more institutions and businesses to set up breastfeeding rooms and thus provide support to women who choose to breastfeed. Since launch, the campaign has gained success nationwide and encouraged the participation of a growing number of organizations and individuals in breastfeeding advocacy. CityOn.Xi’an is certified for its meticulous devotion in the setup and design of the nursing room at the shopping center. The nursery consists of three rooms and one dedicated hallway, offering customers a private haven for breastfeeding, diaper changes, and parent-children toilets. Moreover, the rooms are equipped with bottle warmers, baby diapers, one-off Pail Pals, liquid soap, a play room, hot water and more. All these fully reflect CityOn’s dedication to providing the ultimate care to kids and female consumers. Since the opening of the mall, CityOn.Xi’an’s nursing room has maintained a high usage rate; over 50% of customers have used the room 2 to 4 times per month. In September, a government delegation from the National Health and Family Planning Committee (NHFPC) visited CityOn.Xi’an’s state-of-the-art nursery and spoke highly of the great services provided at the shopping center. 

CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center opened on April 28th 2016 and is jointly developed by Taubman Asia, a subsidiary U.S. mall operator Taubman Centers, Inc. and Wangfujing Group, the leading department store chain group in China. The center is an international high-quality one-stop shopping destination. Benefiting from Taubman’s over 60 years of experience in managing international shopping centers and Wangfujing Group’s deep understanding of the domestic retail market, CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center creates a highly positive commercial atmosphere thanks to its complete supporting facilities and meticulous customer service. With a constant innovation spirit and huge enthusiasm for service, CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center is highly acclaimed by all walks of life and has become the shopping center model for Xi’an and the northwestern region of China.