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CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center creates a unique summer of experiential learning

CityOn Little Talent Camp 3.0 opens for registration, four upgraded positions and generous scholarship offered to participants
(July 14, 2018, Xi’an) As a new, modern landmark in Xi’an, CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center will launch its popular parent-child event again this year, namely “CityOn Little Talent Camp 3.0”, in which some never-heard jobs are offered to create the most exciting summer camp, enabling young kids to appreciate the new retail trend and creativity in their extraordinary experiences. In addition, CityOn.Xi’an joins hands with Qujiang Cultural Tourism and World Barista Championship to present different cultural feasts for the local young people and professionals. CityOn members can also access the tailor-made benefits and packages to enjoy the ultimate excitement of this unique summer at CityOn.Xi’an.

This year’s CityOn Little Talent Camp is completely elevated to a higher level in terms of participants’ age group, job positions and reward mechanism. With generous support from officials at Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, the event attracts the engagement of such well-known brands as Oscar International Cinema, Xiaomi, Huawei, ICEASON, COCO, La Chepelle Kids and Fly Elephant Pizza. Unlike the traditional model, four types of experiential jobs offered this year include “mini-flash knight”, “scientific incubation officer”, “internet celebrity intern” and “movie dreamworks”. With the model of new retail and new technology, young children within three age groups including preschool children (aged 3-6), primary school students (aged 7-12) and teenagers (aged 12-15) are provided with a novel and fun experience for learning and playing. It is worth mentioning that Little Talent Camp 3.0, as an upgraded version, will pay more attention to children’s teamwork and collaboration skills. Specifically, participating children in “mini-flash knight” and “internet celebrity intern” groups will face the challenges of random assignment and team collaboration. A teacher will be assigned to each position for giving instructions, and the “2+2” experience model, namely the two-day training course on Thursday and Friday and the two-day working on Saturday and Sunday, is developed. The reward mechanism for this year’s event has also been upgraded on a full scale. The final winner could obtain a tour package for the whole family, CityOn scholarship, and certificates granted by the Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone.

On the afternoon of July 14, senior executives from CityOn.Xi’an, brand representatives and mainstream media attended the launching ceremony of “CityOn Little Talent Camp 3.0”. During the event, four mini pop-up stores for little professionals were officially unveiled. In the center of the contextualized stage, consumers could take part in different puzzle games and have an opportunity to win all kinds of school supplies such as water color brushes, lunch boxes and dolls. CityOn members who register for the event on-site could even receive small gifts provided by “Drum Players”. During the day, drum performance and the little professionals’ uniform-giving ceremony were also launched. Since July 14, the event has open for registration. Consumers can complete their registrations at designated locations inside CityOn.Xi’an, through the official WeChat and Weibo, or by scanning the event’s registration H5 page.