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Thrilling! An Invitation from‘Miffy’s Magic World’ at CityOn


Hi, do you remember the adorable Miffy?

In China, Miffy could always be seen on the stationery, but you rarely have the chance to 
meet her in the actual life.
CityOn, one of the landmark in Xi’an, will present special exhibitions regarding Miffy
 and her fans to have a party!
Miffy, a well-known cultural ambassador from the Netherlands,
welcomes you at CityOn Xi’an.

She is ready to play football

Take selfie

 Have parties

Go finishing 

 Study with you in CityOn from Sept. 12 to Oct.8.

Customers will see a ‘CityOn wonderland’, where Miffy statuses in all shapes are to be exhibited
 and Miffy-cons are able to experience funny plots only happened in ‘Miffy’s Magic World’. 
This is the first time that ‘Miffy’s Magic World’ present in the Northwest of China. 
Do not miss this chance to meet Miffy in CityOn