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Adventure instructions on Ice Carnival A real Europe will be displayed in front of you


The last trace of your attachment to

winter may has gone with the haze’s coming.

But do not reject to meet a real European winter in Xi’an.

Ice Carnival will open at this Saturday,

November 18, in CityOn.

"Ice and snow", "Santa Claus",

"European castle",

"Christmas carriage"

"Pumpkin lantern",

"Ice Palace",

"Christmas market" and "Christmas tree"

are greeting you to spend a splendid winter in Xi’an.

Chapter 1

Take pictures with the first snow

This dry winter lets you feel down?

How about taking a picture with the

flying snow in CityOn and make your ‘first snow’ wish?

Chapter 2

The opening of Ice Carnival will take you to set foot on the Europe.

Magical Winter Story---Are fairies around?


Watch the fairies dance and hear them sing

during 02:30am to 03:00pm, November 18.

Magical Winter Story--Winter magic show

In addition to fairies’ performance,

magicians are also waiting for surprising you and your babies with his magic tricks.

Magical Winter Story--Performance of Let It Go?

With the background of Let It Go,

a band CityOn invited from Europe will give audiences an authentic live performance.

Magical Winter Story--A Fairy Tale in Ice & Snow World on the stage?

Let us enjoy A Fairy Tale in Ice & Snow World,

it is performed by a professional drama team at 4:00 pm.

Magical Winter Story-Story Telling Gathering

CityOn prepares story telling gatherings

for children every weekend through November and December.

Let’s share the most wonderful fairy tale with others in this cold winter.

Moreover, CityOn prepares authentic Christmas party and heart-warming gifts

for Thanksgiving Day.

Even the whole Xi’an is deeply sleeping this winter,

CityOn still prepares clients with all-day carnivals.