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Come to CityOn and Get your imagination take off in


Loving Vincent - the world’s first fully painted feature film 
brought audiences back to the late 19 century of Europe
 to company Vincent for his last 6 weeks.
Over 65,000 frames on over 1,000 canvases is totally a vision feast, 
not only revealing the talents of all crews, but more importantly,
 the imagination of this genius, Van Gogh.
Parents expect to nurture children’s imagination, but how?
Maybe LEGO could give you an answer.

LEGO has now become children’s most favorite toy around the world, 
for it is not simply about piece together hundreds of colored bricks, 
it is a wonderful demonstration of imagination.
This is a silent war to see whose LEGO stand out as the most imaginative one.

This weekend, CityOn prepares LEGO, and you prepare imagination.
No matter one picture of Van Gogh or one world of ice & snow, 
you could realizeyour imagination with LEGO pieces.

Time: December, 16 - December, 17
LEGO carnival is expecting your visit in CityOn. Xi’an.

LEGO Christmas Tree - DIY a present for your parents
Every Christmas, Santa Clause comes a long way from 
his home to send us presents and happiness.
This year, let us prepare a hand-made present for parents and
 share with them the same happiness from Santa Clause.

This weekend, the Santa Clause is waiting for you 
in the Glorious Ice Workshop, CityOn, Xi’an.
Come and meet him on December, 16 and December, 17.
Besides, over ten thousand of balloons are rising up in CityOn.
This fantastic scene could only be presented in the film.

This weekend, CityOn will see you here in an imaginative world.