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League of Legends S7 offline competition,which is the carnival party belonging to LOL fans


Now, the war of international final, LOL S7, has already begun.

CityOn is preparing a competition-watching party with Tencent in Xi’an.
Come to CityOn and be a cheerio member for WE, EDG and RNG.

Of course, prize draw activity, cosers and professional game interpreters will be there waiting for you.
‘Game Carnival’ in this October is gonna rock CityOn.

The competition timetable in second week is here for you.
Huge screen is set for offline watching and live broadcasting.
In four days, CityOn will have more than 4,000 spectators in total to have a LOL carnival together.
Funny live interactions,
unique LOL memory belonging to players, Shaanxi-style LOLO and question-answer part on game skin, are awaiting you.
In addition to these, real scenes in various popular games are already built.

Let us get ready and join the LOL war.
Time: Oct. 13-Oct. 15 12:30pm-6:50pm
Add.: L1, Outside of H&M, CityOn