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Let’s Recapture Our Childhood in Falling Snow


Finally, on 3rd January, 2018, the first snow was falling all the night in Xi’an.

The whole city instantly was covered with a pure white coat.

A photography exhibition of snow, on Bell Tower, in Tang Paradise’s snow

And around Great Wild Goose Pagoda, is ongoing on the social platforms.

At that moment, we are like to go back to our childhood, throwing snowballs towards our friends.

CityOn would like to bring that happy time back to you and start your new year with a relaxing beginning.

1. Air Battle to release the strongest voice of your youth.

Air battle? What is that? Battle with air? Of course no.

Air battle is a music competition, and performers will give an exaggerated music play with mouth shapes and electronic guitars.

Never heard of it? This Sunday, come and present your special performance in CityOn.

Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm, January 7

Add.: In the front of H&M, CityOn

2. English dramas to create a fairy world for you.

Every kid has a fairy world deep inside, but never has the chance to see it.

Now you have a chance.

 In CityOn will an English drama be presented on the stage, telling a beautiful fairy tale to bring you back to that magic world.

Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm, January 6, 2018

Add.: In the front of H&M, CityOn

3. Customize a badge exclusively belonging to you

Isn’t that cool? Draw what you like on a badge, and make one with your personal features.

CityOn provides all the materials for free to maximize customers’ imagination on an unique lucky badge.

Xi’an is having its first heavy snow, with its temperature declining sharply below zero.

But CityOn always stays warm and welcomesevery customers to have a happy time here.