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Games in Your Deep Memory Returns at CityOn


Along with the upcoming 2018, the post-90s generation reached their majority.

Scene after scene of the past events reappeared.

Do you still remember the feeling at your critical life moments?

When you were 8-year-old, you had your first puppy.

As the most loyal friend to human being, puppy is not only a pet, but also a family member.

For this special family member, CityOn prepares an exhibition where customers can draw a picture of her/him.

Colored cardboards, KT papers and colored pens are well arranged for free.

Let us embrace the original excitement when meeting your first puppy again.

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm, January 14, 2018

Online registration channel now has opened for CityOn members.

When you were 10-year-old, you were inquisitive about the robots in TV programs.

It is possible that many children developed keen interests in science about robots.

At CityOn’s shopping bazaar of lucky dog, you could find your passion and aspiration to explore the world.

Moreover, a performance by robots will be delivered by crowds of mysterious guests.

Time: January 13, 2018

When you were 18-year-old, you knew what an unmanned aerial vehicle is.

This flying vehicle featuring with easy operation now wins worldwide popularity and attracts extensive attention from various fields.

CityOn prepares an impressive UAV performance for “Technology Con” this Saturday.

Time: January 13, 2018.