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“Did you know where my frog son is?” “I saw him in CityOn yesterday.”


Recently, a frog went viral on Wechat Moments.

Players call this frog ‘son’, buy him the best food and traveling equipment.

Stop sitting at home and wondering about your frog son’s traveling.

Let’s experience his journey again.

The First Stop: Shopping for Spring Festival

The travel frog visited CityOn’s shopping bazaar to experience hand-made food, flower arrangement and Chinese calligraphy.

Maybe the illustration painter drew a picture of him and send it to you.

Time: January 27-January 28
10:00-12:30, 13:30-15:00

The Second Stop: A Wild Journey-Exploring the Africa

Passionate African dance with delightful music must give your frog son a feast of hearing and seeing.

And the parachute might take your frog son to the most beautiful place in this world.

Time: 10:00am-00:30pm, 01:30pm-03:00pm

The Third Stop: A Wonderful World at art exhibition

Mosaic collage, butterfly coloring and egg doodling

The discovery and cultivation might give your frog son a different childhood.

Time: 04:00pm-07:30pm, January 27

Place: H&M Hall, F1, CityOn

The Fourth Stop: A Shining Dream-A Trip to Hawaii

“My traveling journey”, a hand-painted desk calendar will be sent as gift to visiting consumers.

Record each stop in your journey in this calendar and make your own traveling memory.

Place: H&M Hall, F1, CityOn

The Fifth Stop: Fashionable CityOn

Concessions for new members of CityOn

New members of CityOn holding golden membership card will get a cash coupon of 1000 Yuan.

Time: January 27-January 28.