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CityOn’s 2nd anniversary Celebration begins

 First surprise--Lego Exhibition
Of course, the first surprise is prepared for children.

No matter what CityOn celebrates for, children will be paid much attention to.
CityOn is striving to become a landmark in Lego fans’ minds, and to present fantastic exhibitions for all of you.

Second surprise-Games seeking fun and childhood
Let us check all the games where CityOn wants to help find your big smiles.

Stunt Car-driving

Do you remember the cartoon. 4WD? One of many customers’ favorites.
At CityOn, you can experience the excitement via playing this stunt game.

Angry Bird

Live-action Angry Bird at CityOn! To be the first one to experience it!

Shooting Game

There is a big shooting field hidden at CityOn.
We are waiting for you to start this war and defeat your enemies.

Machine Hand

In addition to entertainment games, machine hand vividly shows magic machine design and teaches children what controllable power is.

Fishing Game

A blend of teaching and fun. CityOn always provides children the best and meaningful.

Time: April 5-April 13
The most imaginative crowds are gathering at CityOn to give you a brand-new shopping experience. What are you waiting for?
Come to CityOn and have a taste of fun.