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Letters Alive at CityOn|Write a love letter for your mom

Mother’s Day is approaching.

What are you preparing for mother’s big day? Cosmetics? Bags? Big meals?
How about try a new way of expressing your love for her? Prepare a love letter

A love letter for mom

Time: 02:30 pm-05:30pm
CityOn invites you to write down your love for mom with words.
And also CityOn invites popular anchors to read your letters.
Your deep love for mom will be truly heard and remembered on this special day.

Profiles of Anchors

Host of Color of movies, Time for Xiao Yu
Host of Stories in Cities

Feng Kaili
The host of xi 'an radio and television station "watch the city".

Hua Xiaoyu
Host of Welcome to Xi’an

Xiao Ke
Host of The Platform for Second-handed Products

Also CityOn invites Zhang Wenwen, Tiantian’s mother, to share her loving stories with Tiantian.

Besides, a mini concert is prepared, where music and carnations represent your deepest love.

Interactions between mothers and kids

Maybe your kids are too young to write a letter and say “I Love U”.
Kiddie English prepares many rounds of games which aims to narrow the distance between you and kids.
Time: 05:30pm-09:30pm, May 12
Interesting games, creditable performances, guitar show and hand-made flower making are waiting for your participation.

Do not feel shy and say it loud to your mom, “I Love You. mom”