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Big News|CityOn wonderland opens


CityOn wonderland is going to open.

Let us have a prior look at what fun inside.


Exotic Island

On this exotic island, you'll see some weird clown magic

and hot African drum show, where the exotic customs are vividly expressed.

Magic show: 03:00pm-03:20pm, June 1

10:50am-11:10am, June 2, June 3

Drum show: 03:00pm-03:20pm, June 2, June 3

Future World

The interesting interactive class requires science & technology and brainstorm.

And ABIE interactive classes bring kids the surprise and joy.

Learning comes from the fun, and fun inspires learning.

Lego battle+UAV show:03:20pm-03:50pm, June 1

12:30am-01:00pm, 03:20pm-03:50pm June 2, June 3

ABIE interactive class: 04:10pm-04:40pm, June 1

Rhythm Planet

A feast of rhythm and music

Ukulele and drum-kit instantly create you a beautiful music planet.

You are the master of your planet.

And more parent-kid games are waiting for your participation. 

Ukulele+Drum kit: 06:20pm-06:50pm, June 1

01:00pm-01:30pm, 06:20pm-06:50pm June 2, June 3

Parent-kid games: 04:40pm-05:10pm, June 1