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Little Talent Experience Camp 3.0 achieves big success!

When do children grow up?
12? After the first cooking for parents?
18? After the first taste of alcohol with father?
Everyone has different answer.
But the experience and impressions behind growing-up is the same, full of hardworking, bitter and sweet.

Summer Adventure, No Play No Gain.
The third season of “Little Talent Experience Camp” achieves big success.
Little talents work in restaurants, clothes & accessories shops and entertainment shops, where witness their sweat and perseverance.

The first lesson in adventure: Pop-up store manager
The first mini pop-up store is introduced into CityOn. Xi’an.
Little talents learn to make CoCo drinks and Iceason ice cream.
Of course, learning to communicate with customers and run the store are more important responsibility to shoulder.

It is so glad to see that little talents are capable to deal with every issue at the store.

The first lesson in adventure: Technology mentor
To cover increasing intelligent technology, CityOn opens an Intelligent Living Museum on the fourth floor.
A technology storm is sweeping over CityOn and Xi’an.
Technology mentors shoulder the responsibility to let visitors be accustomed to this storm.