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World Barista Championships Starts Now!


CityOn. Xi’an teams up with OUR LIFE to organize the World Barista 

Championships during August 24-August 26.

Famous baristas around the world come to Xi’an and show you what authentic coffee art is.

DAY 1 Meet Famous Baristas

This time many experts join the battle.
Not only can we witness the competition between national top coffee masters, but also can we have the opportunity to taste the best coffee.

Also top coffee-contest judges come to the contest. 

The President of the Panamanian Elite Coffee Association, Wil-fordLamastus.
WBC Chinese Champion Wu Yalian
Indonesian expert Mira Yudhawati
Chief Representative of the National Coffee Producers Association of Colombia in China, Wu Jiahang
More than 10 judges and representatives participate in the competition.
WBC Opening Ceremony/First selection: August 24
Location: L1, CityOn. Xi’an

Coffee Art Session
Bring your kids and try the latte art at CityOn.