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French mooncake show opens up a fruitful & interesting autumn


#Interesting thing appeals, cool & play season starts#

01 French Pop-up Store

Meet Maky mooncake show

01 French Sunshine Garçon
Baked French cheese mooncake with fresh fruit cocktail
Take a picture and pack it for your beloved
02 Big surprises will be sent to lucky customers
03 Pop-up store with exquisite equipment where to take selfies
04 Rounds of prize draws waiting for your participation
05 Performance of saxophone and violin when night falls

02 CityOn Club
Get your unique entrance-exit card

CityOn’s members show membership card at Maky pop-up store and scan the QR code could enjoy free French mooncake.

Double benefits for new members
Benefit 1: 12-yuan of French cheese mooncake
Benefit 2: 12-yuan of flowing egg mooncake

Old members could taste flowing egg mooncake after showing the e-card at store.
Time: September 7-September 9
Location: L1, CityOn

03 Autumn Fun Fair

CityOn will break through the walls of different media and present a mysterious world costing two months to build.
Rich sensory experience will swallow all of you in a pink world.

04 Fun Shopping Festival

Time: September 15 -September 30
Pepsi store will show up at CityOn and gather the most fashionable of Xi’an.
At here, customers will make a unique T-shirt to create the trend of Xi’an’s autumn.