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Light up the Christmas Magic Box to witness a bright winter and open the most international year-end shopping carnival!

The Christmas Lighting Ceremony was launched on November 24, since then CityOn became a dream factory.
The most innocent and simplest joy is coming towards you with fantastic music and fabulous lights!

Magical wishing pool: Make a wish and be the lucky person

CityOn will redefine the VM display for Christmas.
A unique Christmas magic box was made, which not only offered a great background for customers to take photos, but allowed them to make wishes.

Christmas Lighting Ceremony: Light up the magical box and witness the glorious moment

Turn the steering wheels on the both sides of the device and the gears inside were activated. The Christmas imagines reappeared as it is in fairy tales.
What’s more, customers spending over 999 yuan can be invited to attend lighting ceremony. The huge gifts sponsored by I DO were prepared for the lucky draw.
Lighting Ceremony Time: 18:00 Nov 24
Venue: The main atrium, F1, CityOn

Magical childish Dream: Dancing with Christmas dreams
CityOn will also stage a magical carnival.
Versatile children are gathering here and perform a grand talent show themed on “Dream”.

Time: 25 November
Venue: The main atrium, F1, CityOn

Magical Christmas Month: Explore the mystery of Christmas

The end of the lighting ceremony means the beginning of the Christmas season.
With the romance of winter Christmas, Santa Claus and bunny girls come to you and distribute presents.
And the promotional activities for Christmas are doing on!

24 November 18:00
2018 "CityOn Christmas Magic Box Adventure" Lighting Ceremony officially opens!