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CityOn Shining Baby Festival opens!


At the end of one year, the most important event of each industry opens one after another.

The night of Weibo opens as scheduled, so as the Shining Baby Festival of CityOn. Xi’an 

The most high-profile industry event of the past year

Microblogging Night Begins


Baby elephant x BIOSTIME launches CityOn parent-kid Day on January 12.

Take your kids and join.


Surprise I

Ancient art performance

Xi’an enjoys a long history that her culture is always the most unique one.

Chinese dance with Han & Tang style as an opening attracts increasing customers. 


Surprise II

Experts share professional mother-baby knowledge

How to choose milk powder? 

How many kinds of probiotics are there? 

Which diaper is the best? 

Come to CityOn on January 22, let experts give you correct answers.  


Surprise III

parent-kid yoga show

Learn basic yoga postures and enjoy a body relaxation.

Yu Linlin, graduate from Asian Yoga Association, will meet you at CityOn and give an excellent lesson.


Surprise IV

Shining baby selection now opens

 Shining baby selection is about to begin soon.

Babies wearing Han and Tang costume walk to you.

This must be a sweet memory leaving to kids and parents.

Acting performance, dancing or singing, let us have a look at what talents your baby have.


Time: January 12, 2019

Add.: Middle Hall, CityOn. Xi’an


 Products with good quality for shining babies

Bottle brush, HT milk powder box, teeth-cleaning cup,

dodie diaper, medicine box,  

baby handkerchief, and scarves, CityOn prepares well for you.

40 families participating in the show can pick up a folding storage box, and redeem a limited nursing napkin with 598 yuan.


20 families who participated in the yoga show have the opportunity to win the nursing napkin free of charge.


Have a warm parent-baby time with your family at CityOn on January 12.