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H&M 丨The new season, The new Eclectic


This autumn, we welcome “The new Eclectic“style!

Let’s follow H&M to broke the rulesand mix all elements to a brand new fashion style!


Biker Jacket¥449

Short-sleeved Blouse ¥129

Jeans  ¥249

Suede Shoulder Bag¥349

Pilot Jacket¥349

Shirt with Trumpet Sleeves¥129

Jeans  ¥199

Felted Coat¥449

Sleeveless Dress¥179

Shoulder Bag¥349

V-neck Dress¥249

Blouse with Trumpet Sleeves¥129

Lace top  ¥79.90

Lace skirt  ¥249

Crocodile-patterned Pumps¥299

Patterned Dress¥149

Shoulder Bag¥349

Ribbed Sweater¥129

Pleated Skirt¥349

Narrow Scarf¥79.90 

Rib-knit Dress¥249


Handbag  ¥299

Please go to store for any detail!