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Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your unique parent-kid time at CityOn

June starts from the Children's Day, which generates so much fun.
A three-day Dragon Boat Festival doubles the fun we have.
At CityOn, another round of joy starts again, the Father’s Day.

The Jungle Party Warms up Sweet Family Time
Father's Day, flowers and gifts are secondary,
But staying together, the family time,
is the most precious gift.

June 15-June 16
Come to the Jungle Party at CityOn, and have a sweet parent-kid time.
Listen to picture books and recall your childhood.
CityOn invites Vicky to share with the most funny stories with parents and kids to create an unique time.

Scientific handicraft
In the company of parents, make a cute handicraft and send it as present to your father.
Perhaps this is the most memorable memory

Scientific experiments kindle children’s inquisitiveness
Every child's mind is always curious about the world.
Parent-kid activities at CityOn could satisfy you.
The dry ice experiment, the mushroom cloud explosion...
Little scientist's journey starts at CityOn.

Creative tie for Father's Day
Designing a unique creative tie for Dad is the most precious memory.
There are also dance performances, parent-kid interactive games to fulfill this memory.
Monster dolls and monster backpacks will be sent as surprises for kids.

RV Sale Festival, A Free Life Starts Here
This festival gathers more than 20 front-line RV enterprises and special sales for customers.
Traveling in a RV is no longer a dream in the TV series.

The First RV Sale Festival in Xi'an
Audi, Land Rover, BMW, Cadillac and other well-known brands will be invited to CityOn under the sponsorship of Evergrande Cultural & Travelling City.
CityOn prepares lucky draw of 100,000 yuan used to buy a RV.
Take your action now!

Wangfujing Shopping Coupons!
June 14-23, 2019
Customers buy 100-yuan coupon with 79 yuan on Dazhong.
No quantity limits on shopping coupons.