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The First Exhibition of Super Wings in Northwest China! Let us Rock This Summer!


This summer, Super Wings comes to CityOn.
The first exhibition of Super Wings in Northwest China finally goes to the public, which is a precious chance for fans to have intimate contacts with their super heroes, Jett, Dizzy, Mira Donnie and etc. Multiple programs and memorable experience create an unique memory in this summer.

Super Wings has 8 attentions creating a fantasy world

Headquarters Paradise

Jett Inflatable Aircraft

Super Bumper Car

Super Wings CS

Uncle Carl's Sales

Super Wings Gathering Camp

Super Wings to the Netherlands
Super Wings to Russia

"Super Wings" Takes You Win The Secret Gifts from Jett
General tasks
Jett wants to give his best friend a present, could you give him a hand? Finish the task and you'll be surprised! Let's get started. Let's go to the building block and help Jett to make a gift for his best friend, Dizzy. (Destination: Building Block Paradise)
ONE: DIY Gifts
The children are very imaginative. Give the accomplished gift to a nearby gift-verifier and you will get your first stamp. (Heading to Ocean Pool)
TWO: Across the Sea
Children who hold a ball and give it to the warden will get a second stamp. It's a testament to your hard journey. Cross the ocean and go find Jett! (Heading to Jett Air Model Area)
THERR: Gift Delivery
Find Jett and take a photo with him, post the picture to "Moments" and you can get the third stamp! The gift is successfully delivered.
(Heading to Happy Bumper Car)
FOUR: Looking for Dizzy
Finally, friends find Dizzy. Get your fourth stamp. (Heading to Super Wings CS)
FIVE: Get Dizzy’s Gift Back
They're little heroes that getting Jett and Dizzy’s gifts back. Children collect all stamps. Don't forget that all of our stamps can be redeemed for a beautiful gift. Hurry up!

Ticket price: 88 yuan