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Mark this place! See “The Milky Way” in Xi’an

How long is “the Milky Way”?
Maybe it's the distance from your heart to my heart, which needs every couple to cross with sincerity.
Want to see the stars and rivers all over the world with your beloved?
It's better to start with "the Milky Way on Earth"
2019.08.07 - 2019.08.16
Add.: CityOn, Xi'an

Love enjoying popularity
Here is the love detection magnetic field made up of billions of stars.
As long as the lover is close, they will unconsciously lower eyebrows and smile, and attract to each other.

During August 7 to August 16, CityOn creates “The Milky Way” on earth which is waiting for customers’ visits.
Also CityOn prepares many presents and surprises for you on Qixi.
Super Wings also has updated its tricks for kids.

Maybe you missed so many natural scenes in the past, but this time you could not.

This time, you will definitely be impressed by the “The Milky Way” at CityOn.

Every year, CityOn creates surprises for customers, you will not be disappointed never.