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National Day Promotions

September 29, 2020   CityOn
National Day Promotions

Welcome to "CityOn Arts Station"

Get 100 points in the station to pass the level~

CityOn Arts Show

Mid-Autumn X National Day Double Festival Activities

Big promotions for you!



1、National Day Big Sale


Available time: September 26-October 8, 2020



2, Special Offer

1 purchase 50/100 coupon

Available time: September 26-October 8, 2020


3. In the month of October, every Monday to Friday of the month, spend over 799 in a single purchase get 2 Oscar tickets (except Wangfujing, movie theaters, and supermarkets). Limited chance-first come first served;

Available time: every Monday to Friday in October

Location: 1F Customer Service Counter



4. Looking for treasurers

During the event, customers with any consumption receipts can participate in the lucky draw ticket distributed by the treasurer, that is, they have the opportunity to win surprise gifts such as MAC lipstick and Dior lipstick

Activity time: October 1-8, 2020

5. YISION Brand Day

During the event, go to YISHION, Y2, TEEBOX, YISHIONKIDS stores to enjoy the discounts: Get 50 coupon when spending over 500 in one single purchase. 

Activity time: September 14th-October 8th, 2020


6. Liufu Jewellery

Yellow/Platinum (price-based) jewellery, ¥520 discount for purchases over 10 grams, ¥50/g discount for gold weighing less than 10 grams or more

Activity time: October 1, 2020-October 8, 2020


7. Wangfujing member activities

For Wangfujing VIP members: get 100 coupons when spending over 3000 at the designated brand store. The quantity is limited first come first served


Activity time: October 1st-October 8th, 2020

8. Gome


Get 100 coupon when spending over 3000.

 limited chance; first come first served


Activity time: October 1st-October 8th, 2020



CityOn Entertainment - Dreamy Bubble Show

Bubbles in the sky

As if in a dream world

Activity time: October 1-3, 2020