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"Traveling Couple" will come to CityOn this weekend!

October 23, 2020   CityOn
Come and spend a happy weekend at CityOn!

1.  Let happiness last longer

People are under great pressure nowadays. Some people stay up all night because of work, and some people have disputes with customers.

There are also people who booked eight alarm clocks for themselves in the morning on weekdays and still can’t get up



2. Happy weekend

Maybe everyone has a dream of traveling around the world in their hearts.

There are always people in the world who have done things you dare to think about but haven't done yet.

So we invited "Traveling Couple-Zhang Xinyu & Liang Hong" this weekend, come to have a fun day now!


3. October 25 (Sunday) 14:30 -16:30

"Traveling Couple-Zhang Xinyu & Liang Hong" will come to CityOn 1F H&M Store to hold the launch of "Ten Years of Traveling" and talk to you about crazy stories about global travel



4、Quality life

Coffee brewing activities-

Activity time: October 29, 19:30-20:30




5、CityOn Oscar Cinema "CNITY" Cinema Hall

  1st Anniversary Promotion

Scan the code to get ¥88 CNITY coupon

Available time: October 1st-October 31st


Up to 50% off on dining


Bank of Communications credit card holders can purchase ¥100, ¥50 and buffet vouchers from designated catering merchants in the mall through the "Payment Bar" app on October 23

Available time: October 23



2 Oscar free tickets for single purchase over 799

Activity time: every Monday to Friday in October