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CityOn Winter Sale Starts


November is the peak season for online shopping in China. Almost all young people will shop online at this time. However, the complicated discount rules are extremely troublesome. Therefore, we(CityOn) have prepared the following simple shopping discounts for everyone!


Lucky Gift


From now to November 14, customers will get 111 yuan off for a single purchase over 1111 yuan at designated store.



Sephora / NIKE / China Lining / Vans


UR / FILA / GLORIA / Baiwuxi


GAP / Yichun / Leyou / Dumbo

Selected Items


Up to 50% Off on Selected Items 



Racha Collection / Metersbonwe/GAP

China Lining/Joy&peace/Best Map

Senda /BELLE / Watsons

ABC kids 

Jin Zhizun

From today to November 16th, the price of gold will be reduced by 60 yuan per gram

25% off the list price for gold, 25% off for diamonds, 30% off for k gold

Lukfook Jewellery

From today to November 14

A For yellow/platinum products, the price of 1 gram of gold will be reduced after a purchase of 11 grams

B Piece Counting Yellow/Platinum (A1/T1) Every 666 yuan minus 111 yuan

C inlay/K gold (J1-J5) 18% discount, diamond member discount 22%


CC Camay Jewelry

From now on to November 14

The limited gift box can be purchased at 1111 yuan



Yang Xiang's Bean Curd Stew Tripe / Xiao Jiu Xiang


The Year of the Frog / Zhang's White Deer Plain / Happy Lemon


Li-Ning Live Shopping Show!


CityOn & Lining Winter Sale

20% off for one purchase, 30% off for two purchases

Free 500 yuan coupon for purchase over 1,000 yuan

Time : November 13, 19:30-21:00