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Petal and Feast 4.0 | We cherish the good times of sharing delicious food with you!

March 25, 2022   CityOn
New ideas spew out like flowers. CityOn, letting the good times roll!

Breeze and potpourri bring the beauty to nature  Petal and Feast 4.0

New ideas spew out like flowers . CityOn, letting the good times roll !

“Dine-In” is back ; yummies is all set!

 In CityOn, Dine-In is allowed now, keeping your appetite burning and enjoying yummies 

Spring breeze brings life to everything. We CityOn look forward to create flowery ideas with you in such a fabulous times!

Breeze and Dance, Petal and Music

 We will warm the spring with the most wonderful songs and feel the romance with our beautiful dance.

May 26 CityOn  H&M

The feasting and dancing are waiting for an encounter with you !

Ornaments and Spring

 Decorate yourself with ornaments ,then let yourself adorn the spring.

Muti-brand rings ,necklaces and other ornaments are on sale at low prices.

 Cosmetics is ready!

let’s enshrine those cosmetics that make us a scenery and take them to feel the vilifying spring.

Givenchy , Marie Dalgar ,L’Oreal and other brands of makeup products are on sale at surprise prices

Update Your Wardrobe now !

Once you shimmer charm with your new wardrobe, the romance of spring will be emerge.

PEACEBIRD ,UR and other brands spring clothing are on the new.

Converse , Under Armour brand sports products are at a discount.

ANTA children’s shoes, CHARLES&KEITH and other brand new sports shoes are on sale at a discount.

 WESTLINK、VERO MODA brand summer clothing are at a discount.

Senma spring clothing is 5.8 percent off three pieces, 6.8 percent off two pieces and 7.8 percent off one piece

Time : May 25 to 27

INXX, AIMER spring and summer clothing new products are on sale.

CityOn ——Letting the good times roll.

The freshness of spring is blooming,  the felicity of life is lighting , come and enjoy in CityOn.

OPPO brand mobile phone ,Carpenter Tan comb are on sale at a preferential price.