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CityOn Children's Day Activities! Benefits, Discounts and Gifts On the Way!

May 27, 2021   CityOn
Childhood Memory——Shadow Play

CityOn Children's Day Activities

520 Blind Box Lucky Draw Review

We received various love stories from customers on May 20th

There are selfless love from parents, the love from medical staff, the pure friendship between friends, and the romantic love between lovers.

On May 20th, we randomly selected 5 couples to give each a copy of the "Koi Blind Box"

Shadow play of traditional Chinese culture is one of our childhood memories

CityOn Children's Day Shadow Play Special Event

Watch and learn the shadow puppet show live and have the opportunity to win limited gifts.

Time: June 1st 18:30-20:00
Location: CityOn HM Atrium

Children's Day Special Discounts

Get a 50-yuan voucher for a single purchase of 400 yuan or more. (One 50 yuan voucher can be used for a single purchase of over 100 yuan, and a maximum of one can be used for a single purchase.)

Time: June 1st - June 5th

New clothing


Build blocks – create your own dream world


Children's clothing up to 71% off


Clothing and Shoes up to 40% off


Jewelry up to 20% off


CityOn&'Tongcheng' taxi
Customers can enjoy CityOn's exclusive red envelopes worth 66 yuan for taxis

Time: May 30-June 15

Youth is passing away, but the innocence should not be lost. Childhood is precious and happiness is simple. I hope you will go through the four seasons of life and remain simple and kind. Happy Children's Day to all!