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CityOn Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion with Giant Moon Rabbit and Super Moon!

September 16, 2022   CityOn
Mid-Autumn Festival Sale! Retail items up to 50% off!

This Mid-Autumn Festival we have created "Giant Moon Rabbit" and "Super Moon" for our customers at CityOn!


“Enjoy the full moon time”



We have moved the "Giant Moon Rabbit" and "Super Moon" to the atrium of Gate 1 of CityOn, and invite you to a romantic journey together!


Mid-Autumn Festival Activities: "Bright Moon" - Ancient Style Dance Flash Mob and Splendid China Theme Parade






With the teacher qualification certificate, you can get a free "Teacher's Day Gift Pack"



Available time: September 10-September 12



Location: Customer Service Desk, 5th Floor, CityOn

Wangfujing Mid-Autumn Festival gifts

Enjoy the Wonderland Rainforest and have a fun Mid-Autumn Festival 

The Secret Realm of Xiyuan Season 3 - SAFARI River Quest Tour

Time: From now until September 18

Location: CityOn Gate 1 Atrium

  Cute Alpaca Show

Time: September 10-September 12 15:00

Location: Inside the SAFARI Pavilion, Atrium, Gate 1, CityOn

   Members can get free tickets when purchasing over a certain amount price.