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CityOn Members Carnival | Parent-child Sports Challenge Game

November 11, 2022   CityOn

CityOn Members Carnival

Upland curling, obstacle shooting and Fun Caterpillar Challenge are about to start. Take part in the first CityOn member Sports Challenge, win children's gifts, cooperate with children, challenge fun games and enjoy fun parent-child time. The first member Sports Challenge is about to start "battle" and we invite you to play together with your children in the game!




Challenge 1: Winter Olympic sport.-Dry curling

Children can practice coordination and teamwork in the dry curling Challenge, explore their sports potential and experience the joy of the challenge



Challenge Two:The Obstacle Shooting

Build your child's willpower through obstacles, and play with your child.



Challenge Three: The Fun Caterpillar Challenge

Experience the joy of sprinting with your teammates

Exercise children's sense of teamwork and bring children together to enjoy the fun of collaboration

Enjoy a special parent-child time







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