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"Ci" has a special offer. Check in the Dunhuang culture and art Exhibition, which is full of New Year's gifts! Only 19.9 yuan that you can achieve the freedom of watching movies!


The hustle and bustle of Chang'an 

The New Year begins with good show


Grand opening of Dunhuang culture and art exhibition

CityOn will accompany you to pray for the new year.

CityOn’s New Year's greeting is coming as promised. 

Watch exhibitions, go shopping, get together and watch movies. 

Fill up happiness in one happy stop.

 Bring the whole family to experience the rich flavor of the New Year.


"Dancing Dunhuang" enjoys the beauty of the east through the Millennium

The music of Tang dynasty sounded. 

Flying beauty, graceful dance.

 Take you to visit the grand scenery of Dunhuang with a smile

Exhibition of the replica collection of murals and painted

sculptures of the Millennium cultural relics enjoy the cultural and artistic treasures of the palace-level silk road

CityOn takes you back to Dunhuang


Check in and pray for the New Year interactively

In the blessing interactive zone everyone wrote down their New Year's wishes for 2023. 

Looking forward to a safe and successful in new year.


The Dunhuang culture and art exhibition lasts until February 14.

Don't be sad if you miss the opening ceremony. 

There are much more wonderful activities waiting for you to participate.


Enjoying time will follow you like shadows, Oscar studios' Fans' celebration

Activity time: all day on January 14

The film offers beauty for 2023

This weekend CityOn Oscar nternational Film City will invite you for watching movies on a journey of movies


Achieve popcorn freedom

Free refill of popcorn (1 free popcorn refill on the day of the event) Ice cream is half price 20% off all goods on sale


Games, challenges, unlimited fun

Catch the doll match

Catching dolls on the same day can be registered according to the number of dolls caught, and those who catch the most dolls can get extra rewards.

Participation Award: One free coke

Grand Prize: 1 free movie viewing or 1 other gift from the studio