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Happy Lantern Festival ! Enjoy guessing lantern riddles,singing and dancing in the Dunhuang exhibition!


Hustle and bustle of Chang'an Lantern Festival

This Spring Festival .Are you as the same as Ci?

 If you want to harvest a lot of joy in the Spring Festival in CityOn.

 Follow our lens to have a look.


Cutting blessing to welcome Spring, Auspicious Lion, singing tide

 Parents and children are accompanied by family reunion

Flying apsaras, music and dance, peace and joy

Carving joyful and happy memories together

The lights of the Chinese New Year's still not gone. 

The first full moon of the New Year is about to rise. 

Lantern Festival, reunion at this time with family Draw a successful conclusion for this festival.


CityOn is full of good fortune and full of vitality to celebrate the festival

Dunhuang story class

Guard of Dunhuang culture the teacher Zhang Hexin will continue to tell wonderful Dunhuang cultural stories. 

The one who have heard before already followed Mr. Zhang to explore the civilization development of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang

Flying apsaras in Dunhuang Murals is opens the door to appreciate the art of Dunhuang murals.

Making Lantern Festival, Guessing Lantern Riddles and Enjoying New Year's Customs

During the Spring Festival A lot of people are praying on our prayer wall and left their good wish.

Music and dance celebrate a good night in Dunhuang

The art of Dunhuang It is quite artistic, but also full of the beauty of national style.

 In Lantern Festival you can enjoy CityOn’s walking from the murals in Dunhuang Music and Dance Bar


Dancing in the Lantern Festival, good fortune is always be there New Year's great benefit of brand and extra welfare enjoy traditional festivals and celebrate the Lantern Festival