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Great Contribution of CityOn in 2023! The fourth season of Dunhuang Culture and Art Exhibition will be grandly opened tomorrow!


Hustle and bustle of Chang'an Season 4

Great Beauty of Dunhuang Praying for the New Year

City On 2023 New Year's Great Contribution

Dunhuang art adventures not to be missed

Invite you to have a journey of the Silk Road

Great Beauty of Dunhuang,Pray for the New Year

Dunhuang Culture and Art Exhibition

The restart of the first,Four orders to be updated

2023 Restart the new sequence.

CityOn takes you through 1600 years of time and space.

A visual, tactile, auditory, sensory,

Multi-dimensional linkage art feast

In the splendor of Dunhuang art

To search of a new future

The exhibition, a meeting across time and space


A cultural and artistic place that must be check in at the first year of 2023

In the midst of the city

Walking into City On, you can see the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang

Start a dreamlike journey of a thousand years

Look up at the shining artistic sky of Dunhuang


Exquisite Reproduction of Cultural Relics to Build a Beautiful Palace of Art

In the exquisite and vivid murals and painted sculptures.

Exploring the God and Evil in Buddhist Stories


Immerse in the Splendor of Dunhuang Grottoes

Magnificent display in front of the eyes, the sound of immortal music in the ear

Surrounded by Dunhuang Caves

Feel the new experience of audio-visual interaction

One of the must-check items in this exhibition


Vies the dance "Rhyme Dunhuang" to reproduce 

the artistic charm of Dunhuang

Professional song and dance troupe performers

Dressed in beautiful clothes and dancing

The Flying Apsaras invite you to visit the Grand Scenery of Dunhuang

Strands of bright streamers

It's like flying apsaras flying out of the murals.

Light singing and graceful dancing in the flourishing Tang Dynasty

It brings us into the world of Dunhuang mural stories.


The Legend of Watching the Show

 Through the Millennium Grand Show Staged

Teachers and students of School of Design and Art, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

The magnificent colors of Dunhuang art

Re-interpret with modern artistic techniques

To bring you a wonderful "Great Beauty Dunhuang" costume show

You must not miss this traditional beauty and modern fashion show

Appreciate the charm of gorgeous Dunhuang costumes on the spot


Masters keepwatch and Inherit and unscramble the cultural

The flowing haze of years and the wind and sand of a thousand years

Left too many traces on this land.

The beauty of Dunhuang is blended and grand.

In order to give you a deeper understanding of Dunhuang culture

This time Ci specially invited the professor, Institute of religious plastic arts Chief Artist, Silk Road Research Institute of Northwest University



Experience pulp painting graffiti ofthousands colors

Kids in the activity of pulp painting and graffiti.Through their description to feel the profound and beautiful Dunhuang culture. This remarkable world cultural become interesting.



Feel the romantic blend of art and culture in CityOn

The glory of a thousand years reflects the magnificence of the Dunhuang desert.