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The sweet comes to "Ci",check in "Marriage Tree", Fill up the 2023 Sweetness! Make an appointment with present!


Happy Valentine’s Day

Sweets comes to "Ci" during the Valentine's Day


Just after the Lantern Festival .

The praying for blessings, guessing lantern riddles, music and dance performances were fill the atmosphere.

We are in blessing and joy till the last day of the Spring Festival

Then the romance of spring will come as promised.


Love Encounters  Wish it wasyou

"Ci" pictured theheart moments

The scenery of the world  The love of the world

Can not compare with you

Thank you for having you around.

City On romantic marriage tree

Check in to get your own heart-shaped balloon

Traditional romantic, short paper, long love

Love never needs to be hidden.

On Valentine's Day

The professional band played the ancient style musical instruments on the spot.

《The Movement of Love》

Write love in every note.

Love lasts through the ages

This week, Mr. Zhang Hexin will continue to bring you

A Short Story of Dunhuang Civilization

The mystery and magnificence of Dunhuang are endless.

But it's the seed of our memory.

Will sprout at some inadvertent time.



Have a heart full of roses

Focus on the days of love

From spring to summer, harvest in autumn and store in winter

We have a long way to go.

Ci wishes to have you