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A heartwarming initiative for the growth of young people! Join us in the launch of the "Book Donation Corner" at CityOn and help to light up children's dreams!


CityOn focuses on adolescent development

The 'Big Hands, Little Hands’ Heartwarming Charity Campaign

The width of life depends on how much you have felt, the thickness of life depends on how much you give, the length of life depends on how long you've been through it. When everyone has aglow of love in their eyes, warmth can be found everywhere. Let love gather and light become a torch.

CityOn as a gateway commercial and city-level business district core enterprise in Xi'an, focusing on providing more corporate value to the community and empowering the development of cities. Helping the general public to live a better life, delivering a constant source of love and warmth to the community. Moreover, with more powerful and warm public welfare actions and corporate appeal contribute to the development of the city with every public welfare action.

The ESG initiative at CityOn has also continued.

From planting trees and protecting the ecology to separating rubbish for a green and healthy cause, from a public service initiative for city sanitation workers to caring for the disabled and employing deaf attendants. CityOn has always led by example Integrating corporate values with social responsibility.

As an advocate and practitioner of ESG, CityOn is always concerned about the development of young people. In 2021 and 2022, we have launched the ‘Big Hands, Little Hands ’a series of caring actions to build dreams for the growth of young people in mountain villages and donated more than 1,000 books to mountain primary schools. Building a city of love in the name of books at CityOn, making dreams come true with care and let the children learn to share and sow hope.

Yet such heartwarming actions never cease. This year, CityOn continues to focus on youth development. In the early spring of 2023, the Heartwarming Tour sets off again to light up hope and let love shine for the children in the mountain villages.

The future belongs to children who know how to read

If there is one gift you could choose for your child that would last a lifetime, then reading is such a treasure. Putting a book in a child's hands is a grand affair. It is a loving thing to let children enjoy reading. They learned the origin of Chinese and Western festivals in interesting picture books. They saw resourcefulness, bravery and cuteness in the ‘little hero, Yulai’, read about the war years that were never experienced. Sinology stories allow children to broaden the journey of life, establish lofty ideals and develop excellent personality. They can learn about the origin and evolution of Chinese characters in extracurricular reading materials and help themselves to understand classroom knowledge more vividly. Where the footsteps cannot be measured, words can. Only by reading constantly to become a better version of yourself. We hope that these books can open more horizons for children to see the beauty of the world.

‘Big Hands, Little Hands’ Heartwarming Charity Action

【Shanxi Zhuang Primary School was built in 1971, and the school is located in Anle Town, Sanyuan County, Shanxi Province. There are 119 students in 5 classes and 12 teachers in the school. Most of the students live in the village all the year round. 】

For childrena candy is three minutes of happinessa toy is three days of happinessa book may influence a child's happiness for a lifetime. They counted every page of the calendar, and their little hearts had big dreams and faraway places.

This is a group of children from Shanxi Zhuang Primary School, they have very limited access to extracurricular books each year, but they also don't want textbooks to be the only world. They yearn for fairy tales in the spring wilderness, they look forward to a better future also eager to get knowledge from more books feel the joy of reading.

For the children of Shanxi Zhuang Primary School to fall in love with reading and enjoy a happy childhood. CityOn has launched a campaign for the community donate books to the children of ‘Shanxi Zhuang Primary School’. Dedication of your infinite love to give these children the opportunity to broaden their horizons and enrich their lives. Love delivers no end, lights dreams, and helps the future.


Donation time

February 20th - March 15th

Donation location

1 layer I Do corridor (near gate 3)

Types of Donations

Books (science and technology, popular science, poetry, fables, prose, novels, picture books, etc.)

Donation Method

1. Individual donations can be placed in the ' donation corner ', We will count donations and send all books to Shanxi Zhuang Primary School.

2. Call Hideaway Customer Service to mail your donation, customer service number: 029 – 89609999.

May in every child's life with notes flowing and books flowing. We condense our love into rain to nourish every little seed.