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Focus on adolescent development! Join us in the Heartwarming Charity Campaign at CityOn and help to give hope!


CityOn focuses on adolescent development

The‘Big Hands, Little Hands’Heartwarming Charity Campaign

Donate a book, warm a city. ESG in action at CityOn, building a city of love in the name of books. A book that can teach children who live in the mountains all year round about the vastness of the sea. A book that can open a child's curiosity about the world. One man, donating a book, planting a seed of a dream. One hundred people can make more dreams grow into the sun.

The‘Big Hands, Little Hands’Heartwarming Charity Campaign

One book, one good deed, one future

CityOn as a gateway commercial and city-level business district core enterprise in Xi'an, focusing on providing more corporate value to the community and empowering the development of cities. Helping the general public to live a better life, delivering a constant source of love and warmth to the community. CityOn is always concerned about the development of young people. Since 2019, CityOn has donated 1825 books to surrounding primary schools. This year, CityOn continues to uphold the spirit of ESG. Appeal to the community lovers to initiate Warm hearted action to donate books to children of ' Shanxi Zhuang Primary School '.

Donation time

February 20th - March 15th

Donation location

1 layer I Do corridor (near gate 3)

Types of Donations

Books (science and technology, popular science, poetry, fables, prose, novels, picture books, etc.)

Donation Method

1. Individual donations can be placed in the ‘donation corner ', We will count donations and send all books to Shanxi Zhuang Primary School.

2. Call Hideaway Customer Service to mail your donation, customer service number: 029 – 89609999.

A book with a loving heart, an act of kindness with a deeper meaning, maybe the ability to plant a flower for a child on his way forward. When one day this child goes to a faraway place and finds that the scene in front of him has been seen before in the book, the joy and happiness at that time was probably the most beautiful encounter between donors and readers.

Love is not absent, warmth is transmitted

The book you've already read in your bookcase it could be the candle that illuminates a child 's life dreams. A book that you have written a message may be a beacon of success for a child.

Xiao Xi Interactive TIME

Participate in the topic   Gifts with Love

# CityOn Public Welfare Action #

Leave a comment with the topic at the end of the article or open the Weibo topic #CityOn Public Welfare Action# to participate in the discussion

There is an opportunity to obtain any book.

We believe that the goodness and kindness of reading can not only illuminate others, but also illuminate ourselves. It also gains warmth and meaning.

May all those who do good things in the world make good things happen. CityOn Book Donation Corner is waiting for you to help, start your journey with love today!