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Savor spring and enjoy limited-time benefits ! Seven kinds of sweet benefits come to ‘Ci’ !


Spring is full of vitality for a new lease of life

The sun is warm and a gentle breeze is freely blowing.

When the grasses are tall and warbler flies,the spring is gradually recovering.

This spring, Xiao Xi prepared multiple surprises for everyone.

Join us at CityOn, feel the breath of early spring and a taste of spring.

A trip to the sea of flowers to bring spring indoors.

Milk tea benefits, a toast to a better future.

Beauty salon with free make-up instruction.

Welcome to the Spring Show, capturing the trendy gene.

Painting nature, experience the green hills and rivers in the oil painting.

Gold Jewellery Festival, where elegance never goes out of fashion.

A beauty festival that brings its own sparkle.

Celebrate the festive season with all the goddesses.

A new city,  ' flower ' is beautiful

The real art flower exhibition presents the whole city

Location : First floor FILA corridor

Duration: 8 March - 16 April

Hop on a spring train at CityOn this spring.

In the space of flowers and art, 

feel the indulgence and healing.

The CityOn blossoms with spring and the real art flower exhibition presents the whole city.

Come to CityOn for an imaginative journey through a sea of flowers.

A new lease of life, a blossoming of energy

Encounter Spring Milk Tea Benefits

Location : First floor FILA corridor

Date: 8 March

CityOn sends you sweet pampering with milk tea distributed throughout the venue on Goddess Day.

A toast to a beautiful future.

"Beauty Awakening" Spring Cosmetic Salon

Location : First floor FILA corridor

Date: 8 March

Xiao Xi specially invited a professional makeup teacher for free makeup teaching.

Hand-to-hand teach you to create exquisite makeup surface.

Don't miss it!

" Qixin " trend new product release show

Location : First floor FILA corridor

Date: 11 March

Exclusive art show at CityOn reignites urban trend.

A number of international brands and fashion retail brands are linked to count the spring/summer trends.

Opening a new chapter.

Get the same LOOK instantly.

Painting Nature, Painting with Beauty

Eco-friendly oil paintings on display

Exhibition Location : 6th floor painting exhibition ( near No.4 passenger staircase )

Exhibition period: 1 March - 30 April

Focus on green ecology ,

Run for the beautiful nature.

The Way of Still Colors - Xu Shangzhi Oil Painting Exhibition

(Professional Painter National Artist I)

The green mountains and rivers in the oil painting roaming in CityOn.

CityOn Gold & Jewellery Festival, discount ' decoration ' unstoppable

Wangfujing Participating Brands

Event dates: 3 March - 8 March

CityOn Participating Brands

Beauty Festival at CityOn, enjoy non-stop beauty ‘discounts’

Wangfujing Department Store Beauty Festival Event

100 off over 500RMB


The official start of the spring tour.

With Xiao Xi,

 spring is full of vitality for a new lease of life.

More surprises to unlock in store~