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" Fashion Show is coming back to CityOn! There will also be a beauty and makeup salon sharing session to help you rejuvenate for the spring season."

Spring is in the air;
chasing the light to welcome in a new beginning.

Spring is in the air;
chasing the light to welcome in a new beginning. 
The sun is shining brightly and the flowers are blooming just in time. 
The pink cherry blossoms, white pear blossoms and green new buds, 
if taken and made into a range of colors for clothing,
 what poetry it could make! 
Come to CityOn, the spring colors fashion show is going on!

Blooming warm, meet the beautiful 

Shaanxi Clothing Engineering Institute Designers Show

Time: March 25th 14:00-14:30/16:00-16:30
Location: 1st Floor FILA Corridor

Fashion show in Spring Bring you to enjoy the visual feast of

 trends+art Inspiration from traditional clothing Incorporate elements of the current season 

Romantic colors and innovative design combination 

It is inheriting but also innovating Flexible, dynamic, gorgeous 

It's a heart-pounding March 25th Shaanxi Clothing Engineering Institute Designers Show 

Presented to the city again Catch the trend, light up the fashion inspiration Don't miss it!

Explore the New and Beautiful
SEPHORA Beauty Class

Time: March 24 19:00

The eyebrows are relaxed and the laughter is like flowers Skin like congee, hands like soft plants .
This is the climate of spring.
The mood of spring This week, CityOn Glamour Salon Invited SEPHORA's professional makeup artists and fragrance experience teachers to bring us a sharing session Find beauty that belongs to you .

Abundant New Life and Vigorous Blossom .
Spring Flower Art Salon

Flowers must be cut when they can't be touched, don't wait for them to not be cut Listen to what the flowers say Smell the fragrance of the flowers Last week, we invited VIP members to participate in the Spring Flower Art Salon Learn about flower arrangement theory Be agile and skillful with our hands Reorganize the beauty of spring flowers .
The young ladies carefully select the appropriate flower branches, and the little ones curiously explore the different flowers Bring spring into the flower basket Bring poetic life back home and share the vitality of spring with your family Stay tuned to CityOn for more exciting salon activities waiting for you to unlock!

City Turns to New, "Flowers" Prove to be Beautiful

Real Scene Art Exhibition Gifts the Whole City 

March 8th-April 16th, First Floor FILA Corridor CityOn

Spring Days Limited Romance In the sea of flowers, feel the hearts of spring Admiring Nature's ingenuity and richness Little ladies become butterflies Fluttering gracefully with a smile Freezing the romantic moment of spring days Come together for a spring appointment.

City of New Colors, Graffiti World
"Graffiti Dance, Rainbow Graffiti Exhibition" Amplifying Graffiti Culture to create the ultimate visual effect Continuously deducing the rich art characteristics Take you into the world of graffiti Let dreams and enthusiasm dance together Exaggerated colors, intense chroma, and extraordinary light and shadow Will take you to experience a unique graffiti style.

The Freshness of Spring, Flowers in Bloom Fashionable look to stroll in spring

hold the romance and follow the trend of “new” Love yourself and shine today, Spring surrounds with tips of your fingers End with spring, give ourselves a fragrant awakening, with a blooming heart, cherishing the gleaming days, full of vivid spring and looking forward to the rebirth of light.