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The Children's Style Show is tomorrow! Come and see the springtime vibrancy of the youngest children at CityOn!


Spring On is coming to life with light

The greening of the distant hills is the footsteps of spring

The fluttering of the branches is the murmur of spring

The beauty of spring is to be found at every turn

Cherry blossoms on a fluttering coat

A paper kite released by a child after school

A seasonal feast for the eyes

A colourful picture

Come to CityOn, where the beauty of spring is on!

Spring is back in full swing at CityOn

A new city, a new flower, a new beauty

Live Art Flower Show

Received a lot of positive feedback

In the incoming fireworks, 

for everyone to put on the fragrance of the spring fragrance.

Prosperous flowers with warmth, meet beauty

Children's Style Walk

Time: 8 April 2:00pm - 2:30pm / 4:00pm - 4:30pm

Location: FILA Lounge, 1st Floor

Spring excursion with apricot blossoms blowing all over your head

The "Blossom" children's fashion show at CityOn

Watch the cute kids SHOW off their star style

An exciting stage to follow your dreams

Youthful freedom of expression

The beauty of spring

It's not just the little 'models' with their colourful dresses

More than that, their lives are full of courage

Spring is in the air and the food is 'fresh'

New Food Dishes, New Tastes

Encounter with Spring, Bloom with FUN

A vibrant walk in April

Exquisite in every moment

 Making 'looking good' an everyday occurrence

Every outfit

All the best surprises for yourself



Encounter the light and warmth of spring at CityOn

Feel the spring budding

Beauty is born of newness

Reap the benefits of full vitality

Embrace nature together