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Seven years of glory, the Qin tide is rising | The seventh anniversary of CityOn & Qin culture theme immersion exhibition, tomorrow's opening!


Seven years of glory, the Qin tide is rising

——Seventh Anniversary Celebration Tomorrow's opening


5 major booths to recreate the "Qin Tide" in an immersive way

3 historical figures of the Qin dynasty in a realistic interpretation

7 super co-branded 'Terracotta

Warriors' to rock the world

7th Anniversary Gifts


Start our seven-year contract with CityOn


Super Opening Ceremony opened the journey of seeking Qin

Opening ceremony: 4.28 15:00 - 16:00


On April 28, he witnessed the " Seventh Anniversary Opening Ceremony " with  Xi.


Listen to the rites of passage read by the Grand Master of Ceremonies

Watch the drums beat and the swords dance

Start a new chapter for the 7th anniversary




'Qin and Han War Drum ' Intangible Cultural Heritage Performance


The 8-member Qin Soldier Formation beats the drum and sings,

 recreating the magnificent war music of the Qin Dynasty



'Xiangwangxing 'classical dance performance


Dance with a sword and feel the beauty of classical dance



Drumming for the opening ceremony


Beating the Drum

Opening the seventh anniversary chapter of CityOn


See the five exhibition areas of "Qin Chao Qi Xi"





Watch: The Gate of Qin, the General Terracotta Warriors Now

Location: Atrium, Gate 3, Level 1


The "Qin Chao Qi Xi" co-branded with "THIS ARMY This is Figurine"

A matrix of 7 giant IP figurines

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of CityOn

Inside the "Qin Gate", you can see 7 giant 2m+ tall figurines of generals standing in a majestic array,

experiencing the collision of history and modern trendy art

The "Qin Pattern" is painted in seal script to reflect the Qin theme of "unification of writing and unification of spirit".

"Peace' uses the world's most common script to reflect peace

"The Great Work' is based on the creation of a unified currency with the same track for cars, books and texts

"The Great Wall' is an abstract representation of the Great Wall built by the Qin Dynasty,

which stretches for 10,000 miles.

"The Great Wall" is an abstract representation of the Great Wall of Qin.

"The "Wonder" and "Miracle" are the relics of the Qin Dynasty, which are called wonders.

"Wonder" and "Miracle" double figurines, to celebrate the seventh anniversary of CityOn


Watch: Qin Tide Straight Path Qin Dynasty Knows

Location: Gate 3 to FILA Corridor


The Qin Straight Road, which has been in use for over 2,000 years

It was the "highway" of ancient China

Today, this straight road will be presented in a new form

Today, it will take on a new form at CityOn

You can retrace the 698 years of Qin history and culture at the Qin Chao Zhi Dao

You will also have the chance to meet General Meng Tian and join him on his tour



Watch: Great Qin War Drums, Qin Briefs for Blessing

LocationFILA Gallery, 1st floor


The drums of war, the spirit of the army stands

Drumming and singing, watching the Qin and Han war drums in formation

The flags are blown to the ground to show your determination to win

Pick up a drumstick and experience the beatings

An immersive experience not to be missed!


See: The beauty of Qin characters and a hundred seal carvings

Location: First Floor IDO Gallery


Natural and dignified seal script

In the forest of the hundred surnames of the Qin family

Feel the charm of Chinese writing culture

Li Si will also be on hand to teach you how to read and guess the seal script

Guess correctly and get a chance to win a small gift from Li Si!


Watch: the sound of the guqin as Mi Bazi plays the zither


Mi Yue, the Empress Dowager of Qin

The first person in Chinese history to be called "Empress Dowager"

Listen to Mi Yue play the ancient zither

A journey through her legendary life in a homesick Qin song




Three major historical figures of Qin,

an interactive scenario "Dreaming of the Qin Dynasty


Searching for a thousand-year old cultural imprint of the Great Qin

Interacting with three major figures in Qin history

An immersive experience of Qin Dynasty celebrities


Qin Chao live-action drama interpretation time: 4.28 - 5.1

14:00 - 20:00   6 sessions per day


The Sequestration of Meng Tian

At the 'General Monty's Investiture'

See how he rewarded his troops for their success in battle

Interaction with General Monty Python

And the chance to be awarded a token!


'Mibazi Fuqin 'plays the zither

Sending thoughts with the zither

" Mi Bazi " reappears the scene of " Bazi Fuqin "

Can you hear the homesickness in it?


The Little Seal of Li Si

 Li Si, Prime Minister of Qin

He was the "person responsible" for the unification of writing in the Qin dynasty

He is the right person to talk to about "Small Seal Script Culture"!

You can also write in Qin seal script with Li Si on site!


A city-wide gift to celebrate the shop, waiting for you to "Xi"




7 years of experience, free gifts


For customers whose birthday falls on 28th April

Receive a free birthday gift on the day of the celebration (4.28) with valid ID


For customers whose car registration number is "7"

Receive a free gift on the day of the celebration (4.28) with a valid ID


Collection point: 5th Floor Customer Service Counter, first-come-first-served basis


A lucky draw with 1,000 cash vouchers to be won


Spend RMB666 or more in a single transaction throughout the venue

Stand a chance to win a grand prize of RMB4999 Wangfujing non-threshold cash coupon


Collection point: next to the Lego shop on the ground floor


'Gold ' constantly, the bottom price to start


Activities: gold up to gram reduction of 80, 

inlay class part of the discounted full 3000 yuan minus 100 yuan

Activity time: 4.28-5.3


"Unstoppable, over 1,000 off


Activities: RMB200/300 off RMB1,000 of clothing at Wangfujing Department Store

Event Period: 4.28-5.3




Top goods,TaoBo is full of gifts

Rules: One free voucher of RMB200 for a single purchase of RMB500 or more at Tao Bo Sports

*Available for a single purchase of RMB400 or more, 

maximum one voucher can be used in a single transaction


Voucher collection time: 4.28-5.3

Voucher use period: 4.28-5.20


The national trend is "Xi", Anta is full of gifts

Rules: RMB200 cash voucher for a single purchase of RMB500 or more

*Available for a single purchase of RMB 700 or more, maximum one coupon per single purchase

Event Period: 5.1-5.20


Enjoy the convenience of free taxi vouchers with "Xi"

Start or end at CityOn (Xi'an) Shopping Centre

Receive a RMB10 exclusive taxi bonus for the shop celebration

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Promotion period: Now - 5.10, to be used within 7 days after receipt


"Qin Wind Rising" May Day immersion experience in Qin folk art

The Qin style is back!

A special interactive experience of traditional folk skills of the Qin Dynasty on May 1

Come and pick your favourite activity and join us!




Writing small seal script and searching for ancient rhythms

Time: 29th April


Do you know how to write your name in small seal script?

A professional calligraphy teacher has been invited by CityOn

Teach you how to read and write in the small seal script

Come and learn to write your name in Little Seal Script


Learn to cut paper, DIY Terracotta Warriors paper cutting

Event date: 30 April


With red paper as the stage, turn the world around at your fingertips

Terracotta Warriors in front of your eyes!

Li Si and the master craftsmen will be on hand to teach you how to cut paper!

Cut out your favourite Qin Dynasty characters!


Make a shadow, Terracotta Warrior Shadow DIY

Event date: 1 May


When the Qin People Meet the Shadow

The art of light and shadow, passed down for a thousand years

A non-heritage teacher will take you to colour the terracotta warriors on site

DIY your own terracotta warriors


A special offer for the whole city





Spring Tide Refresh, up to 20% off retail


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