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Welcome to the fantasy "amusement park of CityOn”!

CityOn invites you to log in
Fantasy amusement park of CityOn

The fresh breeze in autumn, it's a good time to take the air!
You don't have to go far to log in to the Happy Planet!
The super dreamy carousel, the cute chicken run
Sky City, Cannon Land ......
Come to CityOn and fall into the world of fairy tales with your baby!

Welcome to CityOn’s "amusement park”.
Whether you are a big friend or a kid
You can find fun and surprises here!

Let's go into the six fantasy spaces together!

The first stop: Children's Dream Kingdom-Carousel

Carousel rotation makes the interesting childhood!
The star amusement project of CityOn, the Dream Carousel, is here!
the night is even more sparkling!

Cute ponies and beautiful swans sway up and down!
There are also cloud swings, see-saws, bathtub rocking chairs and other shapes
Let's leave wonderful fall memories together on the carousel!

Stop 2: Chicken Run-Farm Train

The next stop is the lively farm!

Beautiful windmill house and cute scarecrows.
The ears of wheat shimmer in the sunlight and glow at night!
Take a ride in the quirky Chicken Cockpit, and you'll be transported to a happy farm in a second!

Chicken Run is a fun and interesting ride!
Moms and dads can ride with their children in the strange chicken cockpit.
We can travel between the farms!
Bring your baby along to experience it!

Stop 3: Cool Galactic Storm-Balloon Spray Car

Brave little astronauts.
Welcome aboard the Galactic Storm Jetboat!
Join us on an intergalactic journey as we take on the Galactic Storm!

Ride in a spinning egg-shell star cup.
Spin around the center planet to a fantastic tune!
Galactic Storm brings a meteor shower of colorful balls

Babies, grab your nets!
Catch the meteor balls and drop them into the astronaut's hat.
The faster you react, the more you catch!

Stop 4: Romantic Sky City-Fantasy Journey

Adventurous kids
Do you want to start a dreamy journey of sky adventure?
Let's fly to the Sky City together!
Feel the shock and excitement in the air!

In the Sky City, which is uniquely shaped like the Canton Tower
Accompanied by colorful neon lights
Push the vibrating airplane stick and turn the steering wheel of the colorful airplane.

Little explorers in the cockpit, are you ready?
Press the elevator button and "fly to the sky" together!

Stop 5: Joyful Guitar Trampoline

Spinning, jumping, taking off, landing
Upgrade your joy and double your pleasure!
The Guitar Trampoline is here to free the hands of mom and dad!

In the trampoline designed in the shape of a guitar
Follow the rhythm of music
Let your baby jump and dance to the rhythm of the music
Play their own happy childhood music!
Tips: Trampoline also helps the kids grow!

Stop 6: Fun Cannon Land

Dang, it's a hit!
It's time to test your aiming ability!
Cannon Land, a favorite of children
Experience filling up the "ammo" box by yourself!
Sense of fulfillment when you hit the target

Cartoon panel, light effects
Start a marvelous family time with your baby!

The amusement park of CityOn has been officially launched!
Bring your little ones and start a wonderful family time together!

East Plaza, CityOn
Operating Hours
Monday to Friday 15:00-22:00
Saturday/Sunday/Holiday 10:00-22:30

Autumn limited, colorful children's fun accompaniment
Winter are just around the corner, and cool kids want to be cool and warm when they go out.
Unlock the CityOn Baby Wear List
Easy to start the winter wear journey for kids.
Children's clothing brand new products up to 4.9% off, come and buy for your baby!
Toys R Us on the 4th floor of CityOn has 3 kinds of benefits to spoil the fans!

Catch the tail of fall, open the parent-child good "food" time!
After playing in the amusement park, the little belly is very hungry!
Let's have a delicious meal with your baby to recharge!
CityOn's new fall delicacies are on line!
Take your baby to taste the flavor of autumn!

Grow up and be happy!
Your happy family time is loading!
Come to CityOn to start a happy and cozy outdoor autumn fun!
Share a good time with your baby at CityOn!