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CityOn New Year Surprise


To start 2017 with a brand new lifestyle,

CityOn provides many new things and gourmet to welcome 2017 with you together.

Come to CityOn with below check list: 

1.       La Chapelle


Buy two get 50% off


2.      One Thousand and One Nights Kids

[From now on to Jan 15th]

Buy one get 32% off

Buy two and above get 50% off

(Winter collection only)


3.     Balabala


[From now on to Jan 16th]

Buy two get 41% off

(Include coat and down jacket)


4.     Bei Jing Xi He Ya Yuan Peking Roost Duck


In store RMB 100 voucher for Roost Duck

Can be used in lunches (11:00-14:30)

(Exclude holiday and weekend)


5.  Han YueKoren Barbecue


New Year’s extra value meal

Saving up to 69 RMB