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Member Points

 Member Credits Rules


 Spending Credits

For jewelry,3C electronic, kids’ education, and beauty and GYM products: 1 point for every 10 RMB spent;5 yuan points per consumption of catering brand; for others, 1 point for every 1 RMB spent.

*Oscar Cinema,supermarket ,Wangfujing Department Store and other express shops are not included.

How to Get Your Credits

1.     Get the credits when checkout by informing cashier your registered phone number or member card number (only for those stores included in the activity)

2.     Send your receipt to L5 Customer Service to get the credit through manual operation by shopping center staff

*Credit will be counted into member card within three working days.If you didn’t receive the reminding message for credits within three working days or get wrongly counted credits, please upload picture of your receipt to CityOn official WeChat and leave your name and telephone number, and then shopping center staff will operated manually for you. Or you can directly get the credit with receipt at Customer Service.

How to Check Your Credits

1.     Log in CityOn Shopping Center official Wechat Mini Program check your credits.

close2.     CityOn Shopping Center official Fifth floor customer service desk manual inquiry.