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Club Member Privilege

Chapter 1: CityOn Club Introduction

CityOn.Xi'an Shopping Center sincerely launch member loyalty program. As the leader in international fashion and entertainment,CityOn.Xi'an Shopping Center aim to create better experience &service, as well as launch membership rewards to our loyal customer. Join CityOn Club, you will enjoy the first class, one stop service  with member points to redeem free parking hours,gifts,member class and other exclusive benefits.

Chapter 2: Member Card Application

E-Member Card Application

You can get the CityOn Club E-Member Card by submitting your name& phone number and other personal information on CityOn.Xi'an official WeChat account, website or the Way finding in the shopping center. 


Gold Card Application

CityOn Club member monthly spending credit ≥500 credits or annually spending credit ≥ 5,000 credits, member can apply to be upgraded to Gold Card. Please visit CityOn.Xi'an Shopping Center L5 Member Center for detail information and further application process. 

Black Card Application

CityOn Club member monthly spending credit ≥5,000 credits or annually spending credit ≥50,000 credits can apply to be upgraded to Black Card. Please come to CityOn.Xi'an Shopping Center L5 Member Center for detail information and further application process.


Chapter 3: Membership Upgrade / Downgrade Rules


Upgrade Rules

Downgrade Rules

E- Card

Successfully registered as CityOn Club member


Gold Card

Monthly spending credit ≥ 2000 points or annually spending credit ≥ 20,000 points, member can apply to upgrade to Gold Card

Annually spending credit < 8,000 points will downgrade to E- card

Black Card

Monthly spending credit ≥ 8,000 points or annually spending credit ≥ 80,000 points, member can apply to upgrade to Black Card

Annually spending credit < 20,000 points will downgrade to Gold Card

Chapter 4: Member Benefits 


Member Benefits


Attending irregular member events and enjoying member discount

Spending credits upon effective receipt (excluding Oscar Cinema, supermarket and other express shops)

Credit exchange for member gifts

Parking Redemption: Registering your car number on CityOn.Xi'an Shopping Center official WeChat to exchange credits for parking (400 points for 1 hour)

Elegant Gift Package: Member scan get gift package service at Customer Service or CityOn.Xi'an Shopping Center L6 Member Center upon showing effective member card (e-card or physical card)

Free Wi-Fi for customers after registration

Exclusive fashion news and activity invitations for member only

Gold Card

Gold Card Member Enjoy All Rights & Interests of E-Card

Gold Card Exclusive Service

Priority for member events

Delivery service: 1,500 points for redemption (only for products bought in CityOn Shopping Center and only free for the first weight in Xi’an, and need to pay cash for weight over the first)

Black Card

Black Card Member Enjoy All Benefits of Gold Card

Black Card Exclusive Service

Premium member service Green Channel: you can go to the customer service desk for premium black card member green channel service (such as: integral redemption gift)

Free mailing service: Enjoy free mailing service at member center. (Limited to in-store consumption items, the first weight in Xi 'an is 1Kg, the excess of the first weight to pay cash)

Participation right of high-end customized membership activities: priority to participate in high-end customized membership activities held by CityOn City Port Shopping Center

The right to participate in preferred activities in the mall: the right to participate in celebrity meetings, movie premieres and other activities
Black Card free parking for two hours

Chapter5: Redemption Rule

1. You can redeem the gift with your ID card in person at the member center or service desk at L5.

2. Member is responsible for checking the quality of gift and balance of member points. After the redemption procedure, no exchange or amendment of gift or member point is acceptable.

3. Time of redemption subjects to the official information published by CityOn.Xi'an shopping center.CityOn.Xi'an shopping center all rights reserved.

Chapter 6: Terms & Conditions

1. Member Card is only available in CityOn.Xi'an Shopping Center.

2. Upgrading to Gold Card &Black Card ID card is required; one ID card & one mobile phone number can apply for one membership card only.

3. Once the card is missed or damaged, you can replace it in the member center with your ID card; for member card upgrade, CityOn Club will recycle the older one.

4. The validity of member points commences from the issuing date of the member card and shall terminate in a nature year.For example: Apr 28, 2016 ~ Apr 27, 2017.

5. Credit reset: The accumulated points will be cleared on December 30 of the current year. We provide abundant credit gifts for you and please redeem the points within its term of validity to avoid any waste.

CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center reserves all the right for the final explanation.

CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center

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