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CityOn.Xi’an Launches Love Themed Activities in May

(May 12, Xi’an) CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center has leveraged the Mother’s Day and Confession Day in May to host a variety of activities under the theme of “May I Love You”. Coupled with quite a few sales promotions and exclusive gifts for CityOn members, CityOn.Xi’an provides consumers with heightened shopping and emotional experience.

On May 12, CityOn.Xi’an organized an event titled “A Handwritten Letter to Dear Mother”. Leading anchorpersons Xiaoyu, Xiaoke, Hua Xiaoyu and Feng Kaili interacted with fans and consumers at the first floor of CityOn.Xi’an, reading aloud letters to encourage people to express love and gratitude to their mother. Moreover, art groups brought music performances, and songs honoring mothers were performed.

A variety of interactive activities were also arranged for customers. Mothers could accompany their children to write letters with pens and paper prepared by CityOn.Xi’an. In addition, local internet celebrity Zhang Wenwen was invited to share her child-parenting experience at the shopping center. To celebrate the holiday, more than 100 bunches of carnations and cash vouchers were given to female consumers. By doing so, CityOn.Xi’an creates a warm and caring atmosphere for mothers at the shopping center.

CityOn.Xi’an has always dedicated to enhancing female customers’ shopping experience, and the shopping center is equipped with the country’s first female parking lot with a spacious design and a vivid visual sign, which has won extensive media attention including a coverage from People's Daily. In addition, the nursery at CityOn.Xi’an has sets up a benchmark for peers in the shopping center industry. A comprehensive set of mother and infant facilities, such as crib, diaper, milk warmer, are offered. In 2017, CityOn.Xi’an’s breastfeeding room has been officially certified by the “10m2 of love” campaign, a project jointly launched by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the National Center for Women and Children’s Health, CDC (NCWCH). CityOn.Xi’an marks the first shopping center in northwestern China that has received the certification.

During the mid-May, other activities including jewelries exhibition and WDC Street Dancing Competition had taken place at CityOn.Xi’an. CityOn members could have opportunity to enjoy exclusive benefits; specifically, for those with purchases over RMB300 could use receipts to redeem cakes at the first floor of the shopping center. From May 5 to May 20, CityOn.Xi’an also introduced customized journeys for CityOn members. Customers who participated in the activities would have opportunity to win the Poseidon traveling package. In addition, a special gift-giving activity had been held every weekend in May. Customers with purchases over RMB599 could take part in the prize draw with gifts including Huawei Mate Pro 10, Xiaomi television and more.

CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center opened on April 28, 2016 and is jointly developed by Taubman Asia, a subsidiary of U.S. mall operator Taubman Centers, Inc. and Wangfujing Group, the leading department store group in China. Benefiting from Taubman’s 60 plus years in managing international shopping centers and Wangfujing Group’s deep understanding of the domestic retail market, CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center provides a high quality one-stop shopping destination with innovative retail solutions, comprehensive customer-focused facilities, such as family nursing rooms, as well as excellent overall customer services. The center is enjoyed by a wide range of lifestyle seekers and has become a model shopping destination in Xi’an and the northwestern region of China.