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Dating Restaurants Recommended for lovers in CityOn


Valentine’s Day is on the way.
Have you find romantic restaurants for your dating dinner?
Come to CityOn and encounter delicious food as well as love!

Open Life

Clean and comfortable with gentle music and light, authentic Italian cuisine, 

all these will allow you to taste western-style romantic to the fullest.

Menu recommended: romantic afternoon tea

Personal average spend: 57RMB

Address: L1


Sweet and hard memory make relationship into love. 

It’s a good place for you to remember loving day and taste romantic memory.

Menu recommended: paper baked fish, ice-cream cone salad

Personal average spend: 62RMB

Address: L5


Authentic Korean cuisine, delicious hot pots… 

You will become the hero and heroine of Korean Drama here.

Menu recommended: rice cake hot pot, hand-made rice juice

Personal average spend: 69RMB

Address: L5

WanSui SuShi

Fresh and tender salmon with strong mustard, just like love taste. 

Japanese cuisine restaurant is also good place for gourmet lovers.

Menu recommended: salmon, geoduck sushi, sea eel rice 

Personal average spend: 90RMB

Address: L5


Here every material is the new and fresh. You can have a delicious dinner and taste a fresh love.

Menu recommended: beef ball, special beef, fried tofu skin 

Personal average spend: 67RMB

Address: L5


Eat the “dark clouds” on the ice-cream and remove dark mood in our heart. 

Menu recommended: specialty dark clouds ice-cream 

Personal average spend: 35RMB

Address: L6

Miss Musang King

If you or your lover is deep durian lover, you can’t miss this restaurant,

 which offers authentic durian layer cake. You may love at the first taste.

Menu recommended: durian layer cake

Personal average spend: 30RMB

Address: L5

Come to CityOn and taste your Valentine’s Day to the fullest!