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Party for Children’s Day is Coming at CityOn

Do you want to have a Children’s Day party? Come to CityOn with your kids and you all could enjoy an interesting, educational and fantastic Children’s Day here!

Painting a Dream Car

When elegant Audi encounters children’s painters,

They will be decorated by children’s imagination.

Come to CityOn to witness the outcome of  a dreaming Car!

Decorating White Space

Its an old saying -every child is expected to born on a pure white canvas.

Visit CityOn white space where every child could paste colorful stickers on the blank wall, 

table or TV to decorate a colorful world.

Lego Fancy World

Lego is the most popular plastic bricks in children’s world.

In CityOn Lego fancy world, children may meet Lego maze, crazy car or angry bird.

Robert dancing show will stage.

By playing games and collecting stamps, children could also redeem gifts.

Games on the Stage

If your children like dancing or singing, they can’t miss our games on Childrens Day.

Here you will experience professional music, rhyme and trendsetting games.