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City of Rock in Xi’an to Lift Your Spirits!


Do you still remember the guy who was the‘Massage-con’in 

Diors Men and thoughtful Juanlian in Kukong?

 Yes, it is Qiao Shan! What is with him this time for audiences?

City of Rock is a story about music, aspiration, and dream-chasing.
Everyone has a dream, it exists in the deep always.
 Dreams will make miracles as long as you keep on pursuing it.
If you are on the way to achieve a dream, City of Rock is certain to ignite your passions.
Because it has no matter with fame and benefit, just about dream. 
You could get the limited tickets via Meituan/Maoyan, only for 36 yuan/person.
City of Rock releases in advance at 5:55pm, 09/23, CityOn, Xi’an,.
Come and see how will Qiaoshan and Li Hongqi crack you up.