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Fetch Your first-class ticket of Xi’an-Chengdu CRH in CityOn


The breaking news that the CRH between Xi’an and Chengdu was finally opened on December 6, 2017 excited the whole city and CityOn. Xi’an seized this hot topic to present a series special tickets of this train for its consumers to enjoy a wonderful trip of tasty food.
Eating “Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup” in the morning in Xi’an, while enjoying the hotpot in Chengdu at night is no longer a dream that could only be realized in the novel and poem.
From now on, your sweetest CityOn has already prepared you a CityOn Delicacy CRH. All the members would redeem with membership points.

Carriage 1
Enjoy the Hot Drinks
Tea By The Bay Jasmine Macchiato / Strawberry Milk Foam
SIMUKE Honey & Peach Cheese / Sweet Grapefruit

Carriage 2
Which one is colder in this winter? A cold joke or ice cream?
ZERO PARK Small Yogurt Flurry
KUKESHAN Ice Cream Ball
MOMO Peach Oats
Yang Xiaoxian Mango Mein Mein Ice with Milk

Carriage 3
Love High Calorie!
Holiland Half-cooked Cheese
Maky Some Cakes for 20 Yuan
Jiguang Chicken Fried Chicken
Subway Designated Sandwich

Carriage 4
Girls love barbecue
Baishao Seafood Barbecue & Buffet
Han Yue Korean Barbecue
Bi Ku Li Fish Barbecue
Tong Dao Fish & Bullfrog Hot Pot
Starbucks Designated Coffee

Carriage 5
Food Therapy & Regimen
Way & Side Chicken & Pizza
82 Healthy Hotpot
Restaurant D
Cousin Restaurant

Tips: Membership points of Year 2016 will be zeroed on December 31, 2017
The first stop of this CityOn delicacy CHR is at Service Counter, F1, CityOn.
Seize time and kick off your delicious trip!