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520 at CityOn|CityOn Fulfills your loving day.

CityOn aims to become the ideal place for couples spending their love expression day on May 20.
And let us check throughwhat CityOn prepares for customers.

#Parking places for couples#
No need to worry about the limited parking places, as CityOn prepares extra places for couples on May 20.
Let your day at CityOn begin with a smooth start.

#Romantic propose place#
CityOn. Xi’an introduces the model of Eiffel Tower and create a romantic atmosphere for couples.
Balloons, flowers, and diamond ring, symbolizing love, will all appear at CityOn. Xi’an, to make this place a perfect one for you to propose.

#Jewelry itinerant exhibition#
CityOn. Xi’an teams up with I Do and present customers a brilliant jewelry itinerant exhibition.

#Champs Elysees Kiss Whisper EDT#
Do you remember your first date? Your first Valentine’s Day? And your first kiss?

I Do brings the sweetest memory for you to keeps it forever.
CityOn. Xi’an wishes a best 520 for you.