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Mysterious Guest is invited to spend the New Year Eve with you



Spring Festival is coming again.

You are now on the train back home or sitting at home and enjoying the moment of reunion?

No matter where you are, Spring Festival is precious, just enjoy it. 


New year's opening performance

 # Time Feast #Fashion Costume Night of Han and Tang Dynasties 

If you are tired of colorful lamps, also of wandering through the street, come to CityOn and enjoy this feast.

Fashion night will refresh your impression on New Year and leave a long-lasting memory.

Time: February , 2019


The Prosperity of Han&Tang Dynasties reappears at Tianbao Square

Since its first appearance, Tianbao Square attracts wide attention.

03:00pm on Feb. 2, there will be a grand performance at here.

Do not miss it.


Sugar painting and Chinese traditional arts bring back sweet memory

What Spring Festival leaves you the deepest impression? Fireworks or the reunion meal?

I have the deepest impression of the grandfather drawing sugar dolls.

CityOn invites the heir of sugar painting, Lei Zengming, to show how to make a sugar doll.

Meanwhile, clients will also be invited to make dolls with Mr. Lei.


Huxuan Dance show the beauty of Tang Dynasty

The emperor, Tang Xuanzong, was deeply attracted by Huxuan Dance.

What it is like?

The dancer, Chen Xinrui, will present an authentic performance.

Let us see the prosperity of Tang Dynasty from a dance.


Guest Singer is invited to spend Spring Festival

CityOn invites Ma Shu, the famous ballad singer, to sing at the Fashion Night.


Exotic Persian dance

Persian dance is full of mystery and always attracting the wide attention.

This year, CityOn is gonna tell clients the secrets behind.

Moreover, new year gifts will be sent to customers free of charge.


Spring Festival, the holiday to embrace hope


Here is the open hour of CityOn during the holiday.

Feb. 4: 10:00am-06:00pm

Feb. 5: 10:00am-08:00pm

Feb. 6: 10:00am-10:00pm

Feb. 14: 10:00am-11:00pm