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Benefits for CityOn members| Let us feel the love from Aimer and Pacific Coffee.

Benefits for CityOn members| Let us feel the love from Aimer and Pacific Coffee.

Early spring is coming that people are taking off the thick coats in winters.
How to choose clothing of spring and become the fashion guy in the crowd?
Let us check the list below CityOn prepares for you.

GAP//Spring collection is ready

The GAP’s spring collection now is ready in the closet.
Customers buy two items could enjoy 40% discount.
Add.: L1/B1, CityOn

Lagogo//Spring&Summer collection of Lagogo

Lagogo 2019 is now in limited selling.
Come and have a try.
Add.: L2, CityOn

AIMER// Special gifts for Women’s Day

The lowest price of AIMER is 60 yuan. Do not miss this benefit rarely seen before.
Add.: L2, CityOn

AIMER Kids// More care for your kids

AIMER enjoys 20% discount on Women’s Day
Add.: L4, CityOn

H&M// New collections of jeans

Different styles are from H&M Spring & Summer collection
Add.: L1, CityOn

Fionacos// Spring’s surprise ready

Fionacos prepares big surprises for customers and exclusive discounts.
Women’s Day is your charming day.
Add.: B1, CityOn

ECCO// U R the queen

ECCO, from Denmark, is an elegant shoe brand.
Ms. Liu Tao and Ms. Xin Zhilei give the beauty of ECCO to the maximum.
Time: March 7-March 10
Benefit: Deduct 100 yuan after shopping 600 yuan

Pacific Coffee// 62% discount

On Women’s Day, female customers will get one free Coffee Coupon after buying a standard cup.
Add.: B1, CityOn

45 Tea// Buy one and get one free

Customers will get free one one Women’s Day
Add.: L5, CityOn

WANSUI Sushi// 32% Discount

Female customers will enjoy 32% discount during March 4 to March 8.
Add.: L5, CityOn

Leyou Babies to Kids// Double the deposit

Limited surprises. Leyou will double your deposit that you get a 50% discount on every product.
Add.: L4, CityOn